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Open source software by mark fullmer:


Grammark helps improve writing style & grammar and teaches students to self-edit. It finds things grammarians consider bad, highlights them, and suggests improvements. Writers can measure progress with a “score” based on problems per document length, updated when the writer fixes a problem. source code

Gendered Text Project

The gendered text project is an open source website allowing users to radically alter the gender of characters in a story. Users can read selected texts already modified for this format or submit their own texts. source code

CROW, the corpus & repository of writing

Crow brings together researchers at Purdue, Arizona, Michigan State, and other universities to create a web-based archive for research and professional development in applied linguistics and rhetoric & composition. source code

Filipino Corpora Project

The National Network of Normal Schools (3NS) Corpora Project is a database of texts in various languages, collected to preserve literature and language, analyze the structure of the studied languages, and classify texts according to comprehension level for use in mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE). source code

Natural Language Processing